Why Outsource Stability Storage?


Instead of large Capital Expenditure Projects, manage your stability projects as part of an operational budget. Typically, a customer pays only for the space used against a pay per use model. 

Minimise your capital and human resource costs by outsourcing your ICH stability trials to your experienced Stability storage partners.

Physical Space

Stability storage equipment can be sizeable, with walk-in rooms requiring a large footprint. Many companies do not have the physical space to accommodate such equipment without the requirement for laboratory refurbishments / extensions so choose to outsource their stability trials.


On-going Management

Stability equipment must be managed and maintained to safeguard against equipment failure and therefore the associated processes and documentation which can occur should a piece of equipment go out of specification. By outsourcing your stability studies to a trusted partner, routine tasks, such as data monitoring, stock inventory tracking and environmental surveillance, are carried out and recorded for the upkeep of your trial.

Focus on Core Activities

Stability studies are typically long-term projects whereby space, maintenance, and staff monitoring are required across the entire length of the project. More companies are now choosing to outsource stability studies, allowing internal teams to drive other projects for maximum revenue generation of the business.

Redundancy and Back-up

To preserve sample quality and enforce data protection, back-up generators are installed to preserve the integrity of the sample storage area in the event of a power loss. Walk-in rooms and cabinets are validated across a range of temperatures to provide redundancy in the unlikely event of a room failure to provide complete coverage against external interferences.

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