Thermal Cycling

Thermal Cycling will allow the appropriate tests to be carried out to avoid adverse effects when a product is transported. The completion of this study will evaluate the potential effects of the temperature deviation any products or substance can experience from shipment to storage.

Minimise your capital and human resource costs by outsourcing your ICH stability trials to your experienced Stability storage partners.

Understand How Environments Effect Your Products

It is important to understand the effects the various environments may have on your products, factors such as unforeseen weather conditions, natural disasters, general traffic congestion and aeronautical travel can all be an element of changes in conditions for a product being transported.

For example

  • A temperature profile of -20˚C to +40˚C could be selected, this is considered the average min/max temperatures for a UK/Germany/Ukraine route. The Ukraine and Germany have temperate continental climates, with warm and humid summers and cold winters.
  • Maximum temperatures in the range -10˚C to 30˚C. UK has a temperate oceanic climate, with mild wet summers and mild, wet winters with Mean Maximum temperatures in the range -10˚C to 29˚C.

Cycling studies using Source Stability Storage Solutions cycling equipment can reproduce these conditions in a validated state and cycle at various hour periods without the disruption of moving product from one chamber to another.

For more information contact us about our Thermal Cycling service.

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