Photostability Testing as per the ICH Q1B guidelines should play a vital part of new pharmaceutical substance and drug products.

In line with the ICH Q1B guidelines our photostability testing will perform to specification in normal ambient temperatures of up to 21ºC and will achieve at least 1.2 million lux hours and 200 watt hours per square metre in less than 14 days.

Minimise your capital and human resource costs by outsourcing your ICH stability trials to your experienced Stability storage partners.

Our Photostability Cabinets

  • Meet D65/ID65 emission standard
  • Benefit from constant monitoring of lux and ultraviolet levels
  • Operate in ambient temperatures
  • Validated
  • Benefit from elapsed time meters constantly monitoring lamp life

Single batch testing of samples and studies could be required to be repeated depending on the photostability characteristics determined at the time of initial filing and the type of variation or change made.

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