Quality and Compliance

Quality is at the core of our business here at Source Stability Storage Solutions. Our dedicated teams work to ISO 9001:2015 Standards and EU/US GMP Regulations while adhering to Data Integrity Guidelines to meet and satisfy our customer quality requirements across the globe.

Our equipment is manufactured to the highest quality and is installed all over the world. Our staff work hard to meet the customer and regulatory expectations set by the industry by following international standards of Quality Principles as well as ICH Q1A Guidelines for Stability Storage Services.

Quality Management System

We understand our customers require consistency, traceability and reliability therefore we have an extensive Quality Management System that provides overall management, accuracy and control for the Stability and Storage of your valuable samples.

Our Statement of Quality Policy ensures we provide a service that is:

  • High-quality standard
  • Does not compromise patient safety
  • Meets the expectations of our customers and Regulatory bodies and continually improves through the application of the Quality Management System (Quality Manual, QA-POL-2, Source BioScience).

With an electronic Quality Management System (Q-Pulse) we are able to create securely controlled policies and procedures that allow employees to fulfill, maintain and exceed customer expectations and satisfactions. Our QMS is based on Quality Planning, Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Quality Improvement where processes and procedures are audited internally and by our clients on a regular basis to ensure effectiveness and applicability to the standards and regulations we require to meet to provide a consistent high-quality service.

Our Equipment

Our equipment is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and mapped and monitored with data available upon request. We use a combination of accredited calibrated equipment (UKAS/NIST) to ensure accuracy and reliability of our probes and testing equipment. Customer satisfaction is the backbone of our Quality Management System and therefore, continuous investment in our equipment and direct access for the client to retrieve data from our sites is currently ongoing. With state-of-the-art technology you will never feel far from your products where you’ll be able to monitor the systems at our facilities to provide reassurance for the services we offer.


Backup System

Backups are important for the business continuity of Source Stability Storage Solutions. In the event of data loss, backups can be used to restore important data and systems to a specific point in time. All our servers are backed up every day, every hour on the hour. Each of our facilities is served by a continuous power supply to make sure that any power outages or fluxes are covered.

With 24/7/365 cover of our sites, we are always looking after your samples.

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