5 Reasons why you can’t afford to ignore a Service Contract

Service contracts are a vital way to prevent unwanted costs and, potentially, disastrous disruptions to a minimum, while keeping your equipment performing at an optimal level, through timely preventative maintenance inspections. A service contract can simplify your repair and maintenance commitments and, ultimately, prevent financial losses due to delays to market launch. Here are five reasons why a service contract is a necessary and very cost-effective option:

1 – Keep Control Over Costs

The most expensive repairs are the ones that need to be done at peak hours or in the middle of the night. Bringing in an unknown contractor, on an adhoc basis, will result in paying higher hourly labour rates for an on-call service. With a service contract, your provider will schedule routine maintenance during off-peak hours, ensuring that your equipment is in perfect condition, so those peak-hour failures are kept to an absolute minimum.

DID YOU KNOW? On average, customers with service contracts save up to 30% by avoiding out of hour, expensive, service calls.

2 – Save Time

Your equipment won’t wait for the moment that’s most convenient for you when it decides to break down. Instead, it will almost certainly fail at a moment that will be inconvenient and most costly for you. Once it does fail, you will incur costly delays and downtime while an available field technician makes their way to site to identify the problem and make the necessary repair. In the pharmaceutical industry, these downtimes can create huge long-term issues, especially if the equipment is housing drug products, as part of a stability study.

Service contracts ensure that your equipment is maintained in optimal condition, mitigating possible failures and reducing the panic to arrange for emergency repairs.

DID YOU KNOW? Source BioScience’s service team operates 365 days a year

3 – Avoid Costly Downtimes

Equipment downtime impacts the efficiency of your studies, negatively affecting your ability to get your products to market and, most importantly, the patients that rely on them. With a service contract, your equipment, and therefore product is kept in perfect working order, minimising the cost to your business and the impact that a disruption would make to launching your product or affecting ability to supply to patients.

DID YOU KNOW? Downtime of key equipment cost global companies billions of pounds every year

4 – Improved System Performance

As part of your service contract, your service provider will ensure that all your equipment is functioning correctly. By performing disciplined preventative maintenance inspections and testing, repairing or replacing any necessary hardware, updating factory installed firmware, cleaning, inspecting and testing, your equipment will continue to function at top efficiency.

DID YOU KNOW? Source BioScience perform over 750 PMI’s every year for our clients

5 – Trusted Service Provider

There are a lot of service providers in the market. Making use of a service contract from a reliable supplier means you are engaging with a qualified and certified professional company, that understands the importance of what you are trying to achieve. Get the best service from the people who design and make the equipment – they will always use genuine parts and never need to guess how to fix problems.

DID YOU KNOW? Source BioScience provides a documented site report and inspection along with a site equipment audit during each preventative maintenance service call.

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